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Hi, my name is Joshua Waters. I am a thinker, a writer, an analyst, a problem solver, and a follower of Jesus Christ. I have been contemplating some of the deepest, most important questions we humans can ask for many years now. Questions like: How did I get here? What is my purpose? How was the world created? Is God real? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? How can I find happiness? Now I am not here to answer these questions. I am simply here to think through these questions with you, to share with you my very raw personal writings and the solutions I find to my own struggles, in the hopes that they will encourage you, inspire you, give you some things to think about, and help you see things from a different perspective, or in a new light.

My Story

Growing up in a military family, I lived in about 8 different places in my first 16 years of life. I was naturally introverted, homeschooled and was a competitive gymnast for most of my childhood. Because of all of this, it was pretty difficult for me to make friends, so I turned to hobbies to keep me busy. I have been given a gift for learning, and over the past 8 years, I have learned to do many things very well. Things like gymnastics, skating, parkour, video production, writing, blacksmithing, slingshot shooting, knife throwing, and much more. But I have never been very good at relationships, or at emotions. For a long time, I ran from friendships because they were too hard. Sure I had a few friends, but I would rather spend time learning a new skill, or starting a new business, or working in the shop than spending time with people. Over time I have learned how important relationships and communication is. But they are still not easy for me. 

My parents led me to Christ at a young age, but it did not become my own faith until about 5-6 years ago. At that time I truly embraced it as my own, and dedicated my life to follow Christ, to live in His will and to seek Him to the best of my ability. 

What I Have Learned

I am not very good at seeking God, but I have come to understand that the only way for me to find true fulfillment, purpose, peace, and joy in this life is through Him. And I truly believe that Jesus is who he said He was, and the He came to Earth to die for my sins. I doubt at times, I struggle a lot, but I am always led back to the truth. This struggle is part of what this site is about. The struggle to find meaning and purpose, a place in the universe. But also the struggle to seek a God who defies definition, who cannot be felt, nor heard at times, and yet is very real, alive, and is working in this world. 

My natural inclination towards being a loner has given me a lot of time to think. And as I have thought, I have come to a lot of conclusions about life. But I have also raised more questions than I can count. The endless pursuit of knowledge is something I have taken upon myself. And I hope in this pursuit, that I can help, not only myself find the truth, but others as well.

The Goal Of JoshsMusings.com

In a way, this site is a form of personal journals, words that I have been given to write that I feel are not for me alone to read. I hope to share my struggles with you, to reveal my deepest thoughts, writings, and musings, even though it is uncomfortable and makes me very vulnerable, I feel strongly called to do this and I think it will not only benefit those that read these writings, but also the writer. I hope through these musings, that you will go deeper in to yourself than you have ever gone before, I hope that you will consider these questions of life with me, I hope that you will learn something about yourself, and ultimately find inspiration, hope, truth, and the strength to run with endurance the race that is set before you.

Thanks for reading, take care and God bless.

Joshua Waters

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