Review Of “WONDER” The Movie + Takeaways

So I just saw the new movie “WONDER” last night. And oh my gosh, I cannot even articulate how much I love this movie. I literally almost cried like 5 times lol. Such deep poignant moments, you can’t help but feel the emotion of the situation. It was one of the best movies I have seen in the past couple years. I loved how it delved into the lives of multiple characters. It has such a deep plot. It led you to kind of overlook some of the characters, or to discount them as not very important to the story, or to say to yourself, man they need to get over themselves. And then it turned around and told their story, and it had you taking back everything you thought about them and really feeling for them and their struggles. And it did this multiple times! Such a great concept for a movie. It really gets you thinking.

There were so many amazing subplots and underlying relationship struggles, (that eventually got worked out) and deep undercurrents of emotion, running throughout the whole movie, that were all tied together so perfectly. The acting was very good in my opinion, the emotions were raw and deep. It deals with so many different issues, from bullying to parent-child relationships, child-peer relationships, young boy to boy relationships, mother-daughter relationships, and father-son relationships. Its message is about choosing love and choosing kindness. It speaks about the incredible worth of each individual human life. It deals with the subtle issues that other siblings feel when one requires more attention. It deals with a mothers regret of not spending more time with her daughter, it talks of the incredible love parents have for their children. And how, no matter the outside appearance, everyone is of immense value and worth. This movie will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. It is sad, deep, emotional, intellectual, hilarious, and triumphant. And you will come out of it a better person then you went it.

I literally can not recommend this movie enough. We need this so much as a country right now. Will you decide today, to choose kindness? Will you choose to look deeper into those you interact with, and not just see them at face value? Will you take the time to look past your own struggles and see others struggles? These are the questions this movie will ask you.

I hope you will go see this movie. And I hope you will think deeply about the issues it covers, and take the lessons here to heart. I think if we all did this, this country and this world would be a much better place.

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Joshua Waters

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  1. Good insights! I loved it too. Thanks for breaking it down in a meaningful way. There are so few really good movies, I agree, this was one of the best.

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